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Spice expert specialized in allergens, author, business owner, show guest and speaker, Chef Marie is on a clean-label MISSION




International Show Host

Chef Marie is an international show guest who will take audience on a clean-label nutrition journey

Chef Marie is an international show guest who will take your audience on a clean-label nutrition journey.

Chef Marie speaks about her career and experiences for the past 23 years in the restaurant business. Chef Marie introduces the amazing discoveries of herbs and spices to elevate knowledge and awareness of consumers and n-users.

Chef Marie informs about culinary trends, shares health benefit tips of herbs and spices, talks about methods of cleaning and sifting to better understand and comprehend the spice market that is still unknown to this day, Chef Marie shares with you her knowledge for the best methods and ways to herbs and spices. 

Chef Marie takes you on a journey with her contagious passion and interactive ways of communication. You will learn a lot with fun!

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Join Chef Marie for a one-of-a-kind, first hand culinary experience! Chef Marie lives of her second passion, she is also a solo pianist. Live Gastronomical and Piano Event. It's quite an experience! From cocktails, to appetizers to desserts! Chef Marie will make your event a success!

Gastronomic Experience Package:

· Selection and purchase of top-quality fresh products available at local markets

· In-home food preparation

· In-home last minute cooking

· Free-of-charge food & wine pairings 

· Kitchen clean-up following the event

· CHOCO BIJOUX Gourmet Gifts

· Piano at dessert course, if requested

· Wine & Spirits Pairing

· Chef Marie guarantees a success!

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Chef Marie proposes showcase a culinary experience in the form of a personalized tasting and fun eve

Chef Marie proposes showcase a culinary experience in the form of a personalized tasting and fun event to learn on how to best use the herbs and spices as proactively as possible. 

Culinary Workshop Package - 90 Minutes - Chef Marie shares her culinary tips and techniques.

Learn to perfect your cooking style. 

Discover how to become intuitive with nutrition, with picking the right ingredients, in cooking, and more.

How to prep in a 2 hour window weekly menus, healthy and nutritious for your family?

How to perfect the best event cocktail party or sit down dinner at home to the liking of your guests?

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waiters will be needed for parties of 8 or larger.

Kevin Harrington talks about the new allergy-friendly spices

Check out this great video! Kevin Harrington talks about Chef Marie's mission. Follow weekly Chef Marie's New Podcast BURST OF FLAVORS. It's a rendez-vous every Monday at 12 pm (EST) 

Chef Marie R&D expert specialized in allergens, cookbook author, business owner, world tour speaker.


The story behind the passion. A few words from Chef Marie

Welcome to my website. I am chef-owner and founder of MCHEF Inc. in Canada since 2009 and MCHEF LLC. USA since 2018 supplying in the F&B and End Consumers Innovation in the Spice Market. I studied at the Institut d’Hôtellerie et de Tourisme in Montreal QC. Canada from 1999-2003 with Chef Jean-Paul Grappe whose teachings and inspiring guidance led me to discover the cuisines of the world. 

I kicked off my career working in restaurant kitchens in Montreal, gradually rising to the position of Chef in a 10 year of professional  training achievement. 15 years ago, working in the restaurant kitchens, our team was responding to customer demand for special menus with restrictions like salt free, gluten free nuts free, etc. In 2009, a grassroots business idea flourished into the new and innovative business of a higher scale of “Chef at Home” services. At the request of loyal customers, I created gourmet-style meals consisting of all natural, allergen-free, and low in sodium herbs and spice blends that would delight even the most sophisticated of palates. 

My search brought me to discover the infinite possibilities that spices and herbs can offer. Therefore, I made it a mission of my own to share with all a variety of unique and delectable ethnic blends that showcase the best cuisines of the world and bring awareness in “clean label” quality herbs and spices. The ethnicity of flavors is for me the most beautiful way of discovering the cultures of my environment.

My mission is simple: “Continuously develop and improve flavors, raise awareness about the use of wholesome ingredients, herbs & spices and share the results and findings without compromise, while allowing for dietary restrictions such as gluten, nuts, allergen and low in sodium”.

And the passion grew in me. Discover fresh, colorful, trendy, exciting recipes made with love!

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"Now, cook like a Chef!"

Chef Marie is specialized in Allergen-free and Low Sodium French Cuisine since 2009. Chef Marie shares Healthy Clean Eating Nutrition tips with PASSION! 

Chef Marie is cooking with herbs and spices, for their magnificent flavors, colors and health benefits. 

Internationally renowned chef and R&D expert since 1999, Chef Marie is constantly improving top chef ingredients, influencing trends and perfecting new cooking skills.

Chef Marie shares her story,  researches, cooking tips and techniques, worldwide, to impact the next generations of professionals, home cooks, health nuts and foodies.

Discover new ways in cooking, baking and newly mixology trends with Chef Marie. 

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SPICE IT UP WITH CHEF MARIE'S FRENCH TIPS! Check out this great video hosted by Liz Williams and Chris Franklin presenting Chef Marie on WWL New Orleans LA last November 2018!

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 Evolving Gastronomic Experiences: 

Foodies & Foodscapes

Chef Marie hosts with passion culinary workshops in schools, for individuals and for professionals. Live the culinary cooking experience - in how to perfect cooking - baking and mixology trends. 

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